Let’s welcome in Shavuot with a pre-holiday study session led by Gideon Amir, Rabbi Gerry Serotta, and Rabbi Gilah. Weather permitting, we will meet outdoors at NC4 for our first in-person gathering since the start of the pandemic. Please register so we can keep our numbers to permissible levels.

This in-person event is limited to 21 people so that we can sit safely 6 feet apart, outside on the patio.
By registering here you indicate that you intend to comply with the requirements below.

— Please wear a mask if you are not fully vaccinated; masks must be worn indoors by everyone.
— Seating will be on folding chairs arranged 6 feet apart for a maximum total of 21 seats on the patio.
— Congregational singing is discouraged.
— Hand sanitizers will be available in the bathrooms and outdoors; please use them.
— No more than 5 people should be in the Community Room at any given time to transfer chairs or other religious objects.
— Please access the patio by walking around the church from the parking lot. If you use a wheelchair or have limited mobility, please enter the regular way and come through the hallway and Community Room to the patio.
— We will need to wipe down the chairs, prayerbooks, and any tables used outdoors, with sanitized wipes. Bathroom toilet handles, sinks, faucets, light switches, and doorknobs will also be wiped down with sanitized wipes.