A ladder stood on the earth, and the top of it reached to heaven (Genesis 28:12)

This is prayer. (Zohar)

We invite you to enter into prayer with us — the ladder to our highest, deepest aspirations; the living, breathing heart of Jewish worship.  Enlivened by great singing, pulsing with music from around the Jewish world, given new meaning with kavannot (short comments/intentions) and meditation, seamlessly switching between Hebrew and English.  That’s what davening/praying is meant to be.  Give it a try!

Friday Nights

We hold Friday night services once a month at the North Chevy Chase Christian Church (NC4), and meet in members’ homes once a month for a potluck dinner — “Shabbat in Our Homes.”  Please check our online calendar for the schedule.  

Our Friday night services feature global Jewish music, plenty of ruach/spirit, soulful davening, and occasional dancing in the aisles! Led by Hazzan Ramón Tasat, 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., followed by an Oneg Shabbat (light refreshments), usually on the second Friday night of the month.


Friday Night Programs

Upcoming Programs and Dates in 2019-20:

Jan. 10:  Friday Night Service at NC4 with Hazzan Ramón Tasat

Jan. 24:   Shabbat in Our Homes 

Feb. 7:   Tu B’Shvat Seder at NC4, led by Rabbi Gilah, with guest speaker John Leary, Executive Director of Trees for the Future

March 6:   Shabbat in Our Homes 

March 20:  Friday Night Service at NC4, led by Hazzan Ramón Tasat, with Kolot HaLev and guest musician Steven Glass

April 17:  Friday Night Service at NC4, led by Hazzan Ramón and Rabbi Gilah  

May 1:  Friday Night Service at NC4 with Hazzan Ramón 

May 22:  Shabbat in Our Homes 


Shabbat Morning

Our Shabbat services are intimate and filled with uplifting music and spiritual inspiration.

We meet each Shabbat, with davening, meditation, Torah reading, and discussion.   We start at 9:30, finish at noon, and enjoy a light kiddush until 12:30 p.m.  Members of the congregation are encouraged to read Torah, chant a Haftorah, or give a reflection on the Torah reading.  We also invite our B’nei Mitzvah kids to lead a prayer or two in the service.

Once or twice a month, Rabbi Langner or other guest speakers leads a “Rabbi’s Table” seminar-style learning and discussion session, from 11:00 to 11:50 on Shabbat morning after a slightly shortened service.  People are welcome to attend the entire morning or to come just for the Rabbi’s Table discussion. Occasional “After Kiddush” sessions feature members of Shirat HaNefesh who include rabbis and educators, on topics of their choosing.

Rabbi’s Tables for 2019-2020 include:

August 10:           Shabbat Hazon:  What Went Wrong According to the Talmud 

August 17:           The Shma:   Finding Your “Me’od”                                                         

Sept. 7:                 Shoftim:  Studying Chumash with Rashi 

Sept. 28:               Nitzavim:  The Theology of Deuteronomy and the Machzor 

Oct. 12:                 Haazinu and Leadership  — The Oven of Achnai Story in the Talmud

Oct. 26:                Bereishit:  The Nature of Midrash, and Creation Midrash 

Nov. 2:                  Views of Noah:   with Rabbi Bob Saks

Nov. 30:                Toledot:  Rabbinic Views of Isaac and Rebecca 

Dec. 7:                  VaYetze:  Hasidic Approaches to Reading Torah 

Dec. 21:                VaYeshev:  Joseph and Human Rights

Jan. 18:                Shmot:   The Economics of American Judaism, with Dr. Carmel Chiswick 

Feb. 29:                Terumah:  with Gideon Amir

Mar. 14:                Ki Tisa:   with Ira Zukerman 

Apr. 18:                 Shmini:   with Gideon Amir 




Shirat HaNefesh offers evening services and activities for most of the Jewish holidays.
We have rousing Simchat Torah celebrations, wonderful Chanukah parties, inspiring Tu B’Shvat Seders, raucous Purim spiels, and in certain years, beautiful Passover Seders.  For Shavuot, we begin with our own learning session, then join the community Tikkun at Tifereth Israel/Ohev Shalom. For the last several years we have observed Tisha B’Av with a joint evening service with Fabrangen.  Please check our calendar or contact us for details.

High Holidays

Shirat HaNefesh is blessed with many varied, talented, and motivated members who contribute to make the Days of Awe meaningful.