Convivencia!  Learning to Live Together

Shirat HaNefesh Celebrates Our 13th Anniversary in 2020-2021

Join us for any of our special events this Bar/Bat Mitzvah year since Shirat HaNefesh was founded by Rabbi Gerry Serotta and Hazzan Ramon Tasat in 2007.  Our theme is Convivencia! — a term that has been applied to the era in Spain when Jews, Muslims, and Christians lived together in relatively peaceful coexistence.  We will be honoring Jewish ties to Spain and to the Muslim world as one of our themes this year.

Rabbi’s Table: Dan Spiro on Theology

Nov. 14

Dan Spiro, author of “Liberating the Holy Name”, shares his journey into personal theology, drawing from Jewish, Christian, and Muslim philosophy.

Book Discussion: The Last Watchman of Old Cairo

Nov. 15

A spellbinding novel by Michael David Lukas, in which a young man journeys from California to Cairo to unravel centuries-old family secrets.

Launch of Mitzvah Projects

December 2020

Members of our Tikkun Olam committee present options for Mitzvah projects in this, our Bnai Mitzvah year. Please see our ACT page.

A Hanukkah Havdalah Party:  How Shirat HaNefesh Was Built

Dec. 12, 2020

It’s a Hanukkah party!  A holiday celebration on Zoom with candle-lighting and songs, and our clergy’s recollection of how Shirat HaNefesh started.

Purim and Silent Auction Night

February 25, 2021

It’s Purim!  It’s a Silent Auction!  Help Shirat HaNefesh raise funds as we get ready for the Purim story.  All on Zoom.  Silent auction opens online on Feb. 15.

Myth or Fact?  Convivencia, the Golden Age of Spain

April/May 2021

We welcome scholars of the Golden Age of Spain to talk with us about the Convivencia — is it a myth?  Is it based on fact?  What can we learn for today’s world from medieval Spain?

13th Anniversary Party and Annual Meeting (Outdoors, we hope)

June 2021 (tent.)

Our Bar/Bat Mitzvah Party!  And Annual Meeting.  We hope to hold our main event outdoors and in person, with a video covering 13 years at Shirat HaNefesh; food; and entertainment.  We have a fundraising match — honor our clergy with a special donation!

Concert on Jewish/Arab Music — Hazzan Ramón June 27, 2021