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About Us

A peaceful, welcoming space

where everyone is accepted and embraced,

where all are free to seek their path

to a life of Jewish connection and meaning.

Shirat HaNefesh is a place of spirit – music – joy – and warm fellowship.

  • We express and explore our Jewishness through prayer, music, study, cultural activities, and social justice work;
  • We truly welcome everyone who is “on a Jewish path,” including interfaith families;
  • We offer interactive Jewish learning and growth opportunities – from childhood education, Hebrew, and B’nei Mitzvah training to adult discussions, social action, and Torah study;
  • We give all members an equal voice, believing that a strong community can consider all opinions in an atmosphere of respect.

Shirat HaNefesh welcomes new members as we build a community united in song, prayer, fellowship, and Tikkun Olam.