Shirat HaNefesh: Song of the Soul
An Independent Synagogue Community

Welcome to Shirat HaNefesh!

This Weekend:

Friday, July 21:  Services and Potluck Shabbat Dinner

Mark your calendar for another relaxing summer-time Shabbos dinner and services.  We’ll gather at 6:30 to welcome in Shabbat, then enjoy a delicious potluck dinner (7:15) and songs and zemirot at 8:00.  Bring some friends along and join us!

Shabbat Morning, July 22:  Matot / Masei

The journey is the thing.  This week’s double parashah begins with an examination of vows.  We’ll discuss vows made in health and vows made on the deathbed, vows that should be upheld and vows that should be abrogated.   Join us for Shabbat davening, learning, discussion, shmoozing.


Coming Up:

Monday Night, July 31:  Tisha B’Av

We will join again with Fabrangen and Minyan Oneg Shabbat to  observe Tisha B’Av with a chanting of the book of Eichah/Lamentations and other readings, poetry, and song.  This is the day in the Jewish calendar that mourns all of the tragedies of Jewish history until modern times.  Come light a candle, sit together in community, and remember what went so terribly wrong.  Starting at  8:30 p.m., in the Community Room at NC4.

Shabbat After Kiddush, August 5 and 12:  American Shiva

After services on August 5  and 12, we will study the Jewish practices of sitting shiva, comforting the bereaved, and mourning and saying kaddish.  But when did shiva turn into three days … or just one?  Have American shivas become more like a wake and less like a shiva?  Bring your experiences and questions, and let’s discuss.


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Searching for a new Jewish home?  It’s all about the music!

Shirat HaNefesh (Song of the Soul) is a “come as you are” Jewish community drawing folks from Chevy Chase, Silver Spring, Takoma Park, Bethesda, Rockville, Potomac, and D.C.

Soulful, spiritual; singing together; intimate, informal, accepting, laid-back. …we attract seekers from all backgrounds. If you’re Jewish, or interested in Judaism, perhaps part of an interfaith family, and want to try things on for size – this is the place.

We fill our services with beautiful music, led by our extraordinary hazzan (cantor), and consider no question too foolish to ask or discuss with our rabbi.  Bring your cup of coffee and your kids – we delight in their presence – you’ll never be “shushed” with us!

All who are “on a Jewish path” are welcome. Shirat HaNefesh is home to a diverse range of individuals and families, including interfaith and LGBTQ singles and families.

Check out our religious school! Please visit us any Shabbat morning, 10:30-12:00 noon, when school is in session (check our online calendar).

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